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The upsurge in emerging markets around the world has resulted in profound transitional shifts in political, economic, and institutional systems. On the sectoral and industry levels, events such as the financial crises or environmental disasters are forcing government bodies around the world to re-assess their structural policies and introduce new types and forms of regulation. In this transitional environment, firms are competing to cope with these rapidly changing conditions, to become more sustainable in the long-term and propelling firms in all countries to unprecedented levels of innovation.

Business and institutional strategies have undergone fundamental transformations as well. This unique forum will explore the impact of these strategies and their bearing on long-term changes and transformations of businesses, public institutions, and their interrelationships. The present economic hardships in Europe and America make the discussion of strategic turning points even more topical.

Our aim is to create a diverse gathering of strategy scholars, consultants, strategic management practitioners and business leaders to reflect and discuss strategies for operating in a transitional and transformative environment. We have partnered with the leaders in our field to stimulate and guide the dialogue in a variety of unique and exciting conference tracks. This forum will offer a dynamic program that will inform and stimulate the strategic thought and practice for years to come.