Prezidentský seminář SSŘIP 3/2017



Pawel Pawlas
Innovation IS Manager for EU Region at Philip Morris International


Datum: úterý 21. března 2017, 13:00 – 16:30

Místo: Havas Worldwide Prague, Expo 58, Letenské sady 1500, Praha 7


  • Innovation at PMI – from cost efficiency improvement to technological and product breakthroughs to business model redefinition

  • New innovation and business development strategy

  • New innovation culture : engaging all creative individuals

  • NOVA – Innovation support and enhancement system : “Bring your ideas to life”

    • Innovation strategy

    • Mindset change

    • Innovation Toolbox : processes and tools

  • PMI Innovation network

    • Innovation hubs

    • Innovation partnerships

  • Innovation Bootcamps for Innovation Catalysts

  • Engaging and enabling creative individuals

    • Gamification | Contests | Exposure

    • NOVA - PMI unique touchpoint ideation platform

  • Accelerating innovation at Philip Morris International – lessons learned

  • Next steps – Open Innovation, funnel accelerators, corporate innovation network

  • Pawel Pawlas – my professional credo, sources of inspiration and learning

Pawel Pawlas
Pawel is the EU Innovation Channel Manager at Philip Morris International. He is responsible for development & deployment of IS innovation program called NOVA within EU Region. He is also trainer and facilitator conducting variety of innovation workshops and bootcamps across PMI European affiliates. Pawel is passionate about new technology and innovation; he actively contributes to building innovation culture & mindset by equipping colleagues with framework, methods & best practices helping to innovate effectively. Prior to this role Pawel has held different IS managerial positions within PMI since 2010. He developed his professional career as SAP Portal expert, team leader and manager with PKN Orlen, Heineken, BCC consulting, Żywiec Brewery Group and Nokia, among others in Poland, Ireland, Finnland, The Netherlands and elsewhere (2005-2010).
Pawel Pawlas graduated from Oskar Lange Economic Academy (Wrocław) in Computer Science & Econometrics, specializing on e-Business (2006)



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